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White Wines



White Wines

175 ml 250 ml Bottle
Vignes de St Pierre Pays d’Oc France From a blend of grapes including Vermentino & Sauvignon Blanc, comes this appealing fresh rounded white, with its mix of exotic meion, ripe stone fruit, grassy notes and twist of acacia £ 4.20 £ 5.50 £ 14.95
Brookford Chardonnay – Smeillon Australia Flavoursome soft rounded white, balanced with ripe fruit and fresh citrus overtones. A perfect match with spicy food £ 15.95
Parrotfish Chenin Blanc South Africa Fruity  crisp and well balanced wine with combinations of guava apple and ripe meion flavours.  A clean example with good varietal character £ 15.95
Cielo Pinot Grigio Veneto Italy Moderately dry on the palate, light in alcohol and soft in texture, yet  fresh and clean showing citric notes, apple and a touch of ripe peach £ 4.65 £ 6.20 £ 16.95
Mirror Lake Suvignon Blanc Marlborough New Zealand A ripe soft and full delivery of exotic tangerine and kiwi fruit, balanced with gooseberry and classic Sauvignon herbaceous grassy pea pod character. Not too dry, fresh and supple. A well balanced example,  packed with flavor. £ 18.95
Sandhill Crane Chardonnay California Intriguing Chardonnay from the warm sunny Californian climate. The aroma offers soft ripe peach pineapple fruit while the palate brings light zesty citrus and apple fruit, laced with riper peach and touch of mango £ 18.95
Bascand Riesling Waipara New Zealand Similar style to the famous Riesling wines from the Mosel valley in Germany but a little more full and softer. The off dry palate brings balance to the fresh zesty fresh lemon and lime fruit. Light to moderate in alcohol.  A perfect match for spicy cuisine £ 19.95
Gavi di Gavi La Caplana Piemonte Italy Classic Cortese grape expression from its Plemonte homeland, Citric, nutty slightly herbaceous and  mineral, with lively acidity light body and restrained alcohol level £ 24.95